"In der Stadt" (Quetting/Feuerhak)
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"Hau ab" (Topolov/Geike/Feuerhak)
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"Draußen an der alten Birke" (Geike/Feuerhak)
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"blonker" with organ, about 1975/76
This was the best “blonker” formation, as far as I am concerned. Hermann Quetting, keyboards and organ, joined the group. He owned a Hammond organ that he had sawn in two pieces for easier transport. He quickly learned our repertory and we played a really good concert at “Pö’s”. As he was also a good song writer we played some of his songs. The group’s demo-tape was well received by the record companies, but then Hermann decided to leave the band, which was a pity. From left to right: Hermann Quetting: organ/piano, Thomas Grützmacher: bass, Bonzo, Dieter Geike: guitar, Helge Tillmann: drums, Michael Topolov: guitar, Manfred Feuerhak: vocals.
Beneath the picture you will find three samples of this band.
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